2022 – 5 Revolutionary Predictions

Smart Leaders recognise that adaptability should not end with the innovations we rolled out during the pandemic. Across all sectors, we’re seeing the need to become more customer-centric, digitally-driven, deliver value and personalised service at speed.  But, most of all, workforces that are adaptable.

As we move into the third year of Covid, an attitude of change is what is needed. Thus, Olly and I have been discussing our revolutionary predictions for 2022.  We thought we’d share them with you:

1.  Organisations that don’t embrace change at pace will die

Implementing a successful distributed workforce isn’t a quick fix, but organisations can no longer expect structures to stay fit for purpose for years and decades at a time.  Our challenge is to design a workforce model and ways of operating that are thoughtful, intentional, where collaboration is deliberate – while also being adaptable to further change.

Adaptability is a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured during 2022. But workers must have a sense of psychological safety if they are to feel comfortable trialling new ideas – otherwise they won’t try.

For some organisations, where failure is seen as a weakness, this requires a shift to a fail fast and learn culture. For others, it requires an injection of character traits which are currently missing in their culture but which might help them to see life from a different perspective. That often telegraphs the need for better diversity and inclusion.

2.  Customer service demands have shifted too

Our preferences as consumers have changed. Have your services?

We are no longer happy to sit on a telephone line listening to endless 1980’s tunes interspersed by the recurring – ‘your call is important to us’.  What we are actually thinking is – this taking so long we really cannot be important!

What we want is to send a message to the organisation in question and get a quick and personal response that sorts the issue out. Job done. This is a really smart move right now. Increased customer satisfaction and adviser productivity are especially pertinent given the predicted absences caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Ask us about our Be Brilliant, Customer Service Programme that will help your teams to streamline your customer service offer for 2022.

3.  The Digital HQ replaces the physical HQ

We have learned that Smart Working comes with a few challenges. Some workers feel isolated from colleagues, others have difficulty focusing when working from home because of distractions. This is where Technology can help.

In 2022 we will see a blurring of physical and digital technology that will help teams to feel like they’re really together, wherever they may be working. We predict we will see the rise of the Digital HQ.

Whether it’s to brainstorm, work on a project together, or socialise with your team, VR will aid our ability to collaborate, communicate and connect anytime, any place anywhere.

In the year ahead, Smart Leaders will implement strategy that empowers employees through easy access to the apps and systems that they need to do their jobs most effectively, from anywhere in the world.

4.  A Skills Revolution

Seems like we’re stating the obvious, but as organisations and jobs evolve, so will the skills needed to perform them. Certainly, modern leadership needs an upgrade – looking beyond financial gains and learn greater levels of compassion, empathy and clearer communication skills

Smart Leaders must create learning and collaboration environments that will entice people to spend some time there, learning new skills, interacting and networking. After all, genuine human connections often lead to the creation of the best ideas!

As we mentioned earlier, Adaptability is the biggie for 2022, but workers must also continue to grow their digital competency so they can connect more easily.

5.  Talent becomes the new Cash Flow

In order to survive, Smart Leaders must accelerate quickly out of the so called ‘Great Resignation’.  This is the prediction that 40% of people will quit their roles over the coming months. It seems that for many of us the Pandemic has been an epiphany and we have taken the time to re-consider our options.

Smart Leaders are setting their sights set on ‘Great Retention’ – focusing on what employees can offer rather than where they work

In a world bursting of talented professionals it was relatively easy for recruiters to find a good match based on qualifications and experiences. Today, the job market is so competitive that hiring the right people has become the new Cash Flow. Training candidates who have the best attitudes into a role, will surpass the finding of the perfect person.

Problem is that increasingly job seekers want to work for organisations who’s values match theirs. They are actively seeking out caring and thoughtful leaders. For example, a survey by Barret Value Centre, which had over 2,500 respondents, showed that what really matters for employees right now is purpose, leaving a legacy and making a contribution to make this world a better place.

Yes, job seekers still want a good understanding of the work they will do and potential colleagues.  However, they also want to understand the organisation’s drivers, motivators and values.  They want to know what is the organisation trying to achieve? What do they represent? How to they support their community and society?

Due to the high number of unfilled positions today, recruitment strategies need to work better than ever.   Contact us now and we’ll help you build a recruitment strategy that attracts the best people.

To the Future and beyond

To lead rapid transformation, Leaders must have the right investment, in the right place, at the right time. Because, Leaders who don’t adapt to the changing priorities of employees, customers and communities in 2022, will be left behind.