The Smart Leaders Programme – it’s hardly run of the mill!

The Smart Leadership Programme is definitely not run of the mill. It’s a bit different to the norm. For some it’s a tad uncomfortable……..

Because, somewhere in between the Industrial Revolution and mid 20th century, we got it into our heads that we had to be in the office Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Some people just can’t get it out of their heads! We have to help them. Other attendees immediately take to the concept like a duck to water. They can see that it will improve productivity in their department and they want some of that. Just do it – they say.

Our unique SMART Leadership Programme is designed to help both mindsets evolve around the concept of smartworking so that your business can tap into the growing pool of available talent who can’t do it, or just aren’t interested in, the normal 9-5. No More Dolly Parton! 

Your competitors are already tapping into this talent pool. You’re missing out because some middle managers have a fixed mindset.

So, how do we shift these mindsets?

Aha. It’s different – and we’ve measured it – and it works!

Speak to us and we’ll help you do it.   Contact Ruth and Olly for more details at or read about our workshops here:  The Smart Leaders Programme