Why do workers turn down your job offer?

A survey of 2,300 UK employees reveals employees are actively turning down jobs that don’t offer smart or flexible working.

The survey, conducted by the Tech Innovation Company, Teleware, reveals that a quarter of all employees turned down a job in the past for this reason. A further third would actively do so in the future.

The proportion of those that turned these jobs down maybe high amongst millennials (40 %), but three out of 10 employees aged over 45 would also turn down a job if smart options were not on offer.

Is your business losing out on attracting and retaining the best talent? You don’t want to head up a Dead End Street, do you?

Your competitors are already piloting their version of smart working. Isn’t it time you found out what will work for your business and clients and crucially, what will not?

Not every smart or flexible option will work in your business, so you will need to do a feasibility workshop to find out which options will work best and prioritise them. If you want to fast track your decision making around what to pilot contact us on ideas@smartworkingrevolution.com today. We’ll do a quick catch up to discuss your needs.

Work happens in Brains – not offices.

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