Following in the footsteps of former Revolutionaries.

The area surrounding Pentrich in Derbyshire is staggeringly beautiful so it is hard to believe that June 2017 was the 200th anniversary of a Revolution.

I was delighted to be invited by my good friend Pam to celebrate the anniversary at no more apt venue than Nottingham Castle and it was there we met a guy who has the best job title ever!

Professor of Revolution’ for Nottingham University.

He told us about an armed uprising in Derbyshire – some 200 to 300 Revolutionaries (stockingers, quarrymen & iron workers), led by Jeremiah Brandreth. It was to be the last armed uprising in our history.

1816 had been unusually wet & cold, producing a very poor harvest.  Add to that, a lack of employment due to mass industrialisation, poverty and food riots and it was a recipe for ‘trouble at mill’.

When news arrived of a revolutionary force heading from the north of England – a hoax fabricated by William Oliver, a paid informer for the Home Office – the protestors set out to join the march on London in support of a bill for parliamentary reform. The Uprising failed and the retribution was harsh – execution or transportation to Australia.

Why the history lesson?

Following this encounter, when we founded our flexible working and thinking business, the name just had to include ‘Revolution,’ didn’t it?  Let’s face it, the smart working idea started in Nottingham, 20 years ago, with the implementation of our groundbreaking Gym Teams at Domestic and General, based in the City.


1. They don’t execute people for revolutionary movements like ours these days.

2. We’re a pretty peaceful lot anyway – but we love to run roadshows and events where we can spread the smart working word.  If you’d like to host one please get in touch.

3. The Smart Working Revolution obviously resonates with Government too. The Civil Service and the Home Office were early adopters & role models. We’re supporting many councils who are also becoming role models for smart working too. They can clearly see the benefits to their customers and to their employees.

It is also the reason why Olly’s job title is Director of Revolution.

What job title would you love to have?

Contact Ruth r Olly at for details of how you can find out which smart options will work in your business and which will not and how you can develop leaders and smart teams to deploy better ways of working in your business.