3 is the Magic Number!

There are 3 distinct phases to successfully deploying smart working options – do you know what they are?

1. Smart Feasibility.

A tried and tested method that enables you to work out which smart options will work in your business.

This work can be carried out during a one day workshop – or over a series of engagement workshops with your wider teams.

Your team should come away from this process with 3 possible options to pilot.

2. Smart Pilot.

Our practitioner supports your pilot, measure results and tweak your options to achieve optimum performance and productivity.

When a business deploys smart working effectively, you can expect to see improvements in productivity of about 13%.

Your pilot team need some new skills to manage this.  Our Smart Thinking Programme supports the managers who are piloting the options with 4 workouts.

  1.  The Smart Thinking Model
  2.  The 5 Steps of Transformation Model
  3.  The 4 Ps of Smarter Problem Solving

3. Smart Implementation.

During implementation, you may face rather a lot of pitfalls.  We can help you to negotiate these support using proven methodology and practitioners with 20 years experience of successfully deploying smart working

The top 3 challenges that your organisation will face when implementing a smart workforce may include:

  1.  The skills of managing a flexible or distributed team are very different to those required when managing office workers and your Leaders will require  a good development programme and coaching.
  2.  People at all levels can have a fixed mindset about the 9-5, Monday to Friday norm and this will need to be shifted. Traditionalist views on presenteeism will scupper implementation.  2 way trust is crucial to success.
  3. Engagement is at the heart of effective smart leadership and technology can really support this.  Consider what technology will suit your culture, employees and customers.

The Norm

A Timewise report has found that 87 per cent of the UK’s full-time workforce either currently work flexibly or would like to do so.

The demand for smart working is already  upon us.  3,000 adults were surveyed and millennials appear to be leading the way, with 73 per cent of those aged 18-34 who are working full-time, doing so flexibly.

Working smart is becoming the norm.

Is your business fit for the future?

Ruth Gawthorpe is the CEO of the Smart Working Revolution, a team of practitioners who support business to adopt smarter ways of working, thinking and operating.

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