Colin the Caveman & the Smart Leadership Programme!

This bloke has just received an invite to our Smart Leadership Programme. His CEO said everyone should attend it.

His name is Colin and he says it’s a waste of his time – he could never trust his people enough to work from home, could he?   After all, he recruited them!

Do you have a few cavemen and women knocking around your workplace? Fighting off sabre tooth flexible working requests with blunt objects, grunting at modern technology and throwing boulders at new ways of working?

Listen, you can hear them now……….

“Home working won’t work here – we have to be in the office to collaborate”.

“I have to monitor what they are doing or they won’t do it like I want it”

“GDPR, Technology, Consistency!”

Frankly we’ve heard it all before. There are heaps of smart options to choose from in the smart working model – just as long as this guy is brave enough to step outside of his cave and take a look. Something as simple as flexible start and finish times can help employees reduce the stress of the commute and also stretch business service hours at the same time.

So this Smart Leadership Programme isn’t just about home working! First & foremost it’s about freeing up fixed mindset’s of people like Colin the Caveman pictured here. Helping his brain to consider new ideas – to trial stuff at his own pace – stuff that might just improve workplace productivity and culture.  At least try something different.

And you know – when the penny drops in our workshops – it’s a beautiful thing.

You’d love that to happen to your Colins, wouldn’t you?

Talk to us about an introductory Smart Leadership workshop now and you can watch it unfold at your place. Email

Alternatively, sign up for our open workshop in Cornwall on 227th September, HERE.