Smart Working – Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve………

How many of us know that we should start implementing smart working but haven’t…yet?

Imagine what would happen if you did? Carnage? Disruption? Stress? Could you imagine the problems that would arise. Nah, it’ll never take off! Not here anyway!

Well, according to a survey carried out by industries communication hub and the TSB group, 65% of companies who did implement smart working cite employee satisfaction as the key result, followed by greater results in terms of the company’s sustainability due to lower staff turnover and greater efficiency.

Now, did that make you think at least?

A few more things to ponder……..

  1. Pilot after pilot with our clients proves that where smart working is effectively deployed – productivity increase by 13% – that’s almost 1 day per week.
  2. Case study after case study proves that talent pool widen by more than 100% when flexible working if offered in job ads.
  3. Report after report cites that 70% of workers would take a smart working role over one based in an office.
  4. Enabling people to have smart working options will reduce the carbon footprint of your workforce.  Allowing employees to work from home or a local hub 1/2 days a wee for a year – saves the planet circa 390 kg CO2 emissions, 50 hrs in travel & 450 quid!

Some Leaders are frightened of the change required – they run away from it. They have a 9-5, Monday to Friday office fixation. Others don’t realise that there are many smart working options and the trick is to identify which will work in their business and which to avoid.

You and I already know that if a business doesn’t offer smart working options then it’s missing out on the best talent. So what do you think holds Employers back from broadening their talent pools?

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Beware – This 4 minute smart working diagnosis is only for Brave Leaders like you Dare ya!