The Martini Workforce

We are the Martini Workforce.  We can work anytime, any place, any where and on any device because cloud computing supports the Martini Workforce.  However some folk have concerns about the security of cloud computing. Do you?

Friend of the Smart Working Revolution, Ben Woodhouse, MD of Twisted Fish, explains that technology has advanced enormously and concerns can be mitigated. Indeed, Ben reports that cloud computing actually increases overall security levels.

How secure is Cloud Computing for the hub or office?

We have robust security measures, such as user-specific passwords policies, encryption of files, and locked data sets which can’t be copied or downloaded. We also use advanced behaviour analysis which tells us when the normal behaviour of a user changes or matches that of a malicious user.

Do you need additional measure in place for Remote and Field Workers?

A user is a user, whether they work in an office or anywhere else. We apply the highest levels of security for all workers whether they sit in an office or on a beach. We also train them about security and the modern threats faced today.

Data doesn’t sit “locally” on laptops or PC’s.  Our business users have additional security measures built in by default. If remote or mobile staff  lose their device, or it is stolen, data is left perfectly safe. Hence, there’s no need to worry about cloud computing compromising high levels of security in favour of smart working capabilities. It’s about finding the right solution for your unique business.

How quick is it to implement cloud based computing when I have increased customer demand?

Cloud computing also enables customers to scale up a smart workforce very quickly.  Workers can use their own mobile devices and laptops without incurring additional hardware costs.

Wherever they choose to work, employees can access internal information via the cloud on any device. All that you need to do is provided them with access details.

New employees can quickly be given access to all of the information that they will need, without them even coming into the office.

While limited office space may mean you cannot squeeze in any more people in an office, there is no restriction on the number of smart workers you can use. That’s why a Martini Workforce supports business growth.

Do you have remote workers on the team?

Yes.  I have a small team working from Poland servicing international clients. We have numerous field based UK engineers who travel the country daily. The Polish team have worked with me for 12 years now.  We have a 2-way permanent video, It’s like we are in the same room.

Welcome to the Martini Workforce.  

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