The Technology Factory

Scotiabank introduced The Technology Factory to provide tech services to their business.  They set up the Factory in 2015.  As a result, sales have doubled!

Headed by the bank’s chief digital officer, the factory employs 700 technologists and functional specialists.  Small agile teams share expertise, development tools and methods, software and analytics.

Scotiabank structured its factory as a network of Hubs, conveniently locating them in each of its five core geographic business units, consequently promoting close collaboration.

The Technology Factory develops 20 – 25 solutions at a time, using design -thinking methods.

Over the past 2 years, these solutions have helped the bank to double online sales from 11% of revenues to 20%.

Innovation Hubs

The Smart Working Revolution label these types of Hubs –  Innovation Hubs.

However, Innovation Hubs are just one of numerous options that can be adopted to improve our quality of working life.

The more satisfied your Employees – the better they serve your customers. Naturally, improvements in customer service lead to business growth.

Meanwhile, how can your business tap into the popular Hub concept?

Which Hub suits your business?

Aside Innovation Hubs, there are other choices that offer remote, mobile and field workers the chance to meet up, collaborate and avoid isolation. Here are a few:


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