A Smart Leadership Toolkit. Have you got yours yet?

Have you got your Smart Leadership Toolkit?

We’ve built our proven methods into a Toolkit. It is designed to help Organisations, like yours, implement  Smart Working at pace.

We help Leaders transform their business to create wider talent pools, achieve increased productivity, better retention and business growth.

The Toolkit offers a blend of masterclasses, workshops, advisory tools, techniques and practitioner services that will help:

  1. Build a Smart Business Case.
  2. Conduct a feasibility review and pilot options.
  3. Build a transformation plan that avoids pitfalls during implementation.
  4. Embed Smart Working into the Business Strategy.
  5. Build a Smart Culture.
  6. Develop Smart Leadership and Team skill sets.
  7. Revise terms and conditions, policy and procedure for Smart Working.
  8. Resource, recruit, interview, assess and on-board.
  9. Gain the best performance from individuals who work in hubs, at home, mobile or in the office.
  10. Manage meetings and presentations with dispersed working teams.
  11. Use the latest technology to enable communication and collaboration.
  12. Measure productivity and drive quality improvement.
  13. Build social and fun in your smart workforce.

A Smart Leadership Masterclass

Our Experts have successfully implemented smart working for 20 years.  They know how to avoid the pitfalls and are willing to share their knowledge with you.

As your competitors are already piloting a Smart Philosophy – ask yourself, what are you waiting for?

Contact ideas@smartworkingrevolution.com to speak to one of our practitioners about our Smart Leaders Toolkit.

Or join our Masterclasse in Truro – 25th June

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