Smart Working is a Business Wisdom

Smart Working is a Business Wisdom

It’s much broader than mere Flexible Working.  Some people automatically think that smart working is about working from home, for instance, but it’s not!

Other Leaders think they can issue their people with a laptop and a smart phone and that comprises a smart workforce model, but it doesn’t.

Innovative and Inventive

A Smart Workforce is well-crafted workforce model.  It’s a different way of thinking, solving problems and enables much more engaging culture.  Above all, it is creatively designed to enable business growth.

That’s because the model is built from the customer perspective and recognises their unique demands for timing and location. So, don’t just copy your competitor’s model.  If you do that it will fall flat on it’s face as it doesn’t match your unique business needs.

This Business Wisdom has a commercial foundation.  It recognises today’s tight labour markets and Employee’s increasing demand for more work life balance.

Smart Culture

A Smart Leader combines Smart Leadership Skills and a Growth Mindset with smarter ways of working, technology, appropriates policy, procedure and infrastructure to form a Smart Culture.

The Leader requires First Class Business Thinking and a mind set which is open to new ideas.

If you have not applied the wisdom of Smart Leadership to date you’re probably already way off track for growth, but help is at hand.

Olly and Ruth can help your Team to create your own bespoke Smart Workforce Model together with all of the elements that will make it stick, work and embed.  Most of all, one with will drive growth.

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