Smart Working Dad

My Smart Working Dad!

They say it takes a minute to find a special person and an entire life to forget them.

It was Dad’s Birthday yesterday.  Even though he’s been gone for 30 years now, I still miss him. Every Morning, I pass this photo of Mum and Dad at the top of the stairs and say Hello.

My Dad was a kind, intelligent and thoughtful man.  The first person I knew who voted Green.  He was a qualified Industrial Chemist, trained by Boots.

As a consequence, during the War, he was tasked with diligently taking Bombs apart once they had been defused to identify their make-up. He had to work Smart!  He was quietly Brave, as many people were during that time.

Dad had a good brain and helped me to understand how things worked in the world.

Politics, religion, cricket, how planes flew and why car wheels look like they are spinning backwards at high speed!

He taught me to grow vegetables, to cook and that there is a big lump of concrete in the washing machine to stop it moving around the kitchen, and lots, lots more!

He drove me to work sometimes in my 20’s. One day we got caught in traffic for half an hour. After about 20 minutes, he said,

Why do we all travel on the same roads, to the same town, at the same time and then phone one another when we get to the office?

If only he knew what he’d started!

Be Brave! Take your #smartworking plan to another level – even if it’s a small step like adopting flexible start and finish times.

Book a one day Smart Working Review for your business – get your plans off to a good start this summer.

Work happens in brains – not offices!

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