My Journey Toward Self Belief

My journey toward self belief began as a schoolgirl in the 1970’s. I used to alight the School Bus in Derby & walk up Sadler Gate to get another bus to my home in Breadsall.  It was my quiet time. I used ponder my future….

I’d pass a sign written on a wall – it said Derby Dye Company. I’d laugh to myself as I often felt that 1970’s Derby HAD indeed curled up and died!  Still, that sign intrigued me. I adore History & have researched my Ancestors since the age of 11.

But back then, as a pupil at Parkfield Cedars Grammar School for Girls, I was a fish out of water. I wasn’t academic like some of my friends. Always full of  bright ideas, but no direction, confidence or self belief. I’d no idea what career I wanted to pursue.

The careers folk suggested teaching or the civil service – again I laughed! Years later, the path to the job that have I loved emerged – which is the Business of People.  I took that path and my self belief began to grow.

I think many young people have this same issue when asked choose their career path at such an early age. Did you?

A Voice from the Past

While researching my family tree a few years ago, I found James, an Ancestor, 1820-1872.  Guess what?  He was the owner of the Derby Dye Company at 35 Sadler Gate. I was totally taken aback!

He moved from Macclesfield at the tender age of 19 and went on to set up his own extremely successful business at the age of 29. I love tracing my Ancestors – I can see how their life experience impacts my family’s DNA today

I reckon, every time I walked up Sadler Gate, aged 14, James was shouting to me, ‘Ruth – I made it – you can too!’

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