Is the 4 Day Week the latest Management Fad?

In true management fad fashion, the shift to a 4 day week is reported to be working perfectly.

But, before you leap into a trial, make sure you consider 4 key facts before you rush to squeeze five days of work into four.

  1. For those who have to be present to do their job – it’s a great idea. But are you one of the many using the 4 day week and the 9 day fortnight as a carrot to bring people back into the office unnecessarily – rather than creating a new (yet more complex) hybrid workforce. This might back fire – people want choice in where they can do their best work.
  2. While lots of full-time people will love you for it – some folk, particularly those who work part time or have carer duties, cant do 10 hour days or condense their week further. Have you considered your part time people in your decision?
  3. What customer demands are your covering – how will you provide cover over the non working days? Be careful that your 4-day workweek does not leave the pitch empty enough for your competitors to score goals with abandon on days five, six and seven.
  4. To make the 4 day week work effectively, you’ll need to be more efficient. Working smarter. Why use a one trick pony to deliver something that you really ought to be assessing anyway? How will your shorter week improve relationships with customers, suppliers, or shareholders.

Emerging Experts!

There are a lot of pundits that have emerged out of the pandemic who specialise in the implementation of this fad. Consultants who think that we should spend less time in our ‘dreadful’ workplaces as they make us unhappy.

But is that what makes us unhappy? What if you have a healthy hybrid workforce and repurpose the office so it’s is a good place to meet up? How can your people have a choice of where they can do their best work? Is it possible for your people work to outcomes, not hours or days?

Our experience is that actually, most folk like a bit of time together in the office – but don’t want to do it every day. However, people are most unhappy when they don’t like their job or their manager – so why not concentrate on getting that right?

What’s the next Fad?

Face it – this 4 day week malarkey might be a bit of a fad. How long before we hear – would you be interested in trialling the 3 day week?

Can we share some practical advice?

Get your head around all of the options that suit your unique business, customers and employees. Smart Working is a business wisdom – it impacts every single corner of your business.

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