7 Tips for Managing a Hybrid Team

It’s tough right now and even though we are steadily coming out of lockdown, there is a chance we will continue to work in a distributed way at least some of the time – perhaps meeting up for collaboration or anchor days every so often.


Or you may be considering a hybrid workforce, made up of lots of smarter working options?  Either way, here are few tips to help maintain trust on your team:

  1. Trust your team – they’re doing their best and want to balance their work and their obvious concerns about friends & family
  2. Balance neglect vs overbearing – you must give clear outcome driven guidance as you will not be able to task manage like you did when everyone was in the office
  3. Set expectations – make sure your teams know when they are expected to be available for each other and their customers too wherever they are working
  4. Overcommunicate – invest time in telling people what’s going on as you don’t always have the quick kitchen catch-up opportunities to share information when your managing a Hybrid Team
  5. Implement regular team touch points – consider daily stand-ups, and team huddles wherever your team are based.  Arrange collaboration meet up when restrictions allow to get the whole Hybrid Team together.
  6. Diarise the formal stuff and have informal “check ins” to stay connected with your people on the personal level that you would do naturally in the office
  7. Finally, just because someone prefers to work remotely on your Hybrid Workforce, don’t neglect their need for personal development.  Make sure they have the same chances as those who prefer to be based in the office.

What tips would you add to this list?

Ruth and Olly can run sessions to help you build a smart and hybrid workforce.  We can also train your Managers and Teams to build 2 way trust – it is the secret sauce in smart working success!

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