A Healthy Work From Home Team

After a while of constant work from home, we begin to miss the daily human interaction that comes from being in an office. It’s only natural!

Looks like we’re in for an even tougher Lock Down until June.  This means, our sights should start moving to the medium term concerns of isolation, mental health, team cohesiveness and resilience.  How do we manage these and maintain healthy customer service?

As a Leader, how will you deal with engagement or isolation issues that will occur as the weeks and months of lone working mount up?

How will you ensure that your team have the tips and techniques that are necessary to ensure that isolation, team connectivity, mental health and resilience issues are addressed?  What will your work from home strategy look like by June?

Here’s a question. Will you drive Remote Working or are you happy to end up in the passenger seat?  Don’t let your work from home culture control it’s own direction.  Put some helpful interventions into place now.

We’re running ‘How to Work Healthily from Home’ Sessions for Client Teams.  We share ten common sense strategies for ensuring mental and physical well being.

Remember – A home worker is a lone worker.

Contact us to find out more about these short, virtual, interactive and cost effective sessions that will make all the difference to the success of your work from home strategy.