A Message to Kwasi Kwarteng from the Next Generation

The Chancellor has announced a range of measures to significantly shake-up of the welfare system. OK.  Now, we’ve been thinking this through.

Granny reckons that a huge 8 million adults in the UK are looking for part-time work.

Yet, today the government has chosen to target 100,000 people who are already in part time work. Kwasi’s mini budget outlines that these workers could face a benefit cut, if they fail to properly seek out more working hours.

People claiming benefits and working up to 15 hours a week on the National Living Wage, will be required to meet regularly with a work coach. They will have to take “active steps” to increase earnings. If they fail to do so, under the plan, their benefits could be reduced.

Hold on a moment!

What would be really helpful Kwasi, is if you’d also incentivise Business Leaders to offer more part-time roles, so that the other 7.9 million looking for part time roles, can have a part time role too! Including our Mums and Dads.

Our reasoning

If Kwasi was to incentivise tax breaks for businesses on part time roles, it would will help future of our society enormously. It would mean that part timers could also:

1. Bring up the next generation of decent human beings (that’s us) by being able to carry out parenting duties properly as well as do a purposeful part time job.

We need our Mums and Dads to help us develop as good citizens.

2. Care for an elderly relatives (like Granny) as well as have a good job

3. Help to bridge some of the vacancy gaps UK PLC is facing so the economy can grow.  After all talent is the new cash flow.

My Granny says – eight million people is a bloody, big, rich seam of talent, you know!

(We did tell her to mind her language – but she gets a bit passionate sometimes)

She says there not so much a skills gap in the UK, as a mindset gap, from leaders who think that part-time people are part brained!

What do you think, Kwasi – encourage 8 million people into the UK Workforce to promote economic growth – isn’t that a good idea?

Love from the Kids.