A New Era for Customer Service

Emotions are critical to our memory. We don’t remember factual or bland information easily. Yet. anything moving or inspiring will embed in our memory, much more easily….and stick

So, here at SWR, we help your people to note the powerful emotions that emerge when they are dealing with customers service.

With over 20 years of experience behind us, we lead the way in extra-ordinary and pioneering Customer Service Training.

Our Practitioners will help you refresh and revitalise workforce skills using novel, exciting and engaging, yet practical interventions. We have a unique ability to transfer our deep knowledge in an interesting, authentic and fun way that makes learning stick so that the business operates more effectively.

What has changed?

We know that your dedicated and highly professional workforce have always had to deal with frustrated or difficult customers. This challenge has been exacerbated by the Pandemic. Customers are living with uncertainty and anxiety and many are reliant on services that affect them when working remotely. The challenge for many leaders is to improve the way it deals with such challenges.

Innovative Delivery

Innovation is essential to delivering learning that sticks. When we combine our creativity with your unique customer needs, we end up with a powerful, cutting-edge formula that will have a lasting effect on how your business deals with difficult customers.

We will train your Employees to find solutions to control difficult situations, while showing that they care about their customers and are committed to making a positive impact on communities. Alternatively, we can deliver a Train the Trainer Programme.

Bespoke Programme to meet your unique needs

All our programmes are tailored to your unique customer needs, but include modern, innovative, face to face and digital collateral that will help your workforce to make a positive difference to customer service.

This is because they will be more able to:

Understand how the pandemic has changed the way they must conduct meaningful  conversations with customers and show that they care.

Manage customer expectations and problems more constructively.

Know how to handle difficult conversations and situations more effectively than of late

Learn to turn around the situation with even the most difficult of customers and situations

Predict and avoid the escalation of a potentially aggressive incident.

Increase their personal resilience and wellbeing when dealing with the impact of difficult incidents

A product of the partnership between you and our Practitioners, will be the creation a unique learning programme.  One that deals with the emerging customer experience post pandemic too and enables your business to achieve improved customer satisfaction scores.

There is nothing same old, same old about what we deliver. It’s fresh, flexible, fun and informative!

With this in mind, find out how we can help you build a better experience for your customers. Let’s flower in a new era of Customer Service together – get in touch now.