A Revolutionary Tale

On bleak and windswept Whittington Moor in Derbyshire stood an alehouse.
It was called the Cock and Pynot which is a dialect word for magpie.
Through the rain, three horsemen rode to this remote place….

They stepped inside, got a beer and started plotting to overthrow the King.

The Earl of Devonshire from nearby Chatsworth, the Earl of Danby, and John D’Arcy (son of the Earl of Holderness), raised support in the North and Midlands and planned to offer the Crown to James’ daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William. William and Mary landed at Torbay in November 1688. The country rose in support and King James fled to France.

The Revolution was over, but the alehouse in the suburb of Whittington still stands, with its thatched roof and flower border and its intriguing name – Revolution House.

For decades, here at the Smart Working Revolution, a Derbyshire lass called Ruth and a bloke from the Wirral, have plotted long and hard to overthrow presenteeism and corporate dinosaurs and replace them with smarter ways of working.

And now the Revolution is taking hold.   Why not plot your own future workforce with our own Director of Revolution – Olly Thompson?

Arrange a quick chat today or email him at ideas@smartworkingrevolution.com

Go on, he loves a chinwag!

P.S.  You can visit Revolution House, which is based near Chesterfield.  It’s a great insight into our rich cultural history.