‘Aberration’! Canary Wharf, Baby Boomers and Travel!

‘Aberration’! Canary Wharf! Baby Boomers and Travel!

What an interesting time we are having in the news.

1. Goldman Sachs.

Why would a corporate leader would call remote working an ‘aberration’ when it is what has kept this country going for a year? Every commute from bed to laptop is making a difference to the NHS.

Why would a corporate leader lack consideration for Corporate Social Responsibility toward those who cannot commute due to disability, because they live in remote areas or they have childcare responsibilities?

Whatever age we are – there are millions of us doing a darned good job and while were looking forward to meeting up for collaboration – most of us have learned we do not need to work in an office 5 days a week.

Business is not just about London. Business is about working together for the good of UK plc and all of the people in it.

2. The Canary Wharf  Bloke

‘The chief strategist at London’s Canary Wharf has said thousands of workers are expected to return to offices as Covid restrictions are eased in the coming months’.


Man with vested interest in in people returning to the office, says people should return to the office.

3. And now for the Good News

Vaccinated Baby Boomers are “leading a wave of new travel bookings,”  The pent up demand is welcome news for the pandemic-ravaged travel and hospitality industries.

Travel is a great example where smart working works well. Travel advisors can work remotely or from local hubs. Meanwhile, those who provide the hospitality we’re all looking forward to, may have to be present. But with a little thought from their Leaders, workers can have contracts that allow them flexibility to match lifestyles.

Personally, I can’t wait to travel and meet up with colleagues – but, sorry Dinosaurs, the places I’ll be collaborating in will not include London & Canary Wharf!

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