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Ruth Gawthorpe

ruthMeet Ruth, our CEO. Ruth is a passionate champion of Smart Working. Here’s her story.

6 years ago Ruth became wheelchair bound after an operation and realised just how much talent cannot do the commute 5 days a week.

These days, despite an ongoing disability, Ruth is CEO of the Smart Working Revolution. As Lead Practitioner, Ruth supports Business Leaders with a range of unrivalled products to help pilot and implement smart workforce models and leadership skills. The outcome is improved business performance, customer and employee experience

When adopted widely, the impact of Smart Working on society will be powerful. Ruth lobbies Government bodies to support organisations who implement smart options.

Ruth also the founder of The Change Directors. A business that serves organisations who want transformation powered by their people.

The common denominator in both organisations is passion and people and work happens in People’s Brains – not offices

Oliver Thompson

Meet Oliver. Our Director of Revolution!    Here’s Oliver’s story.

Oliver is our Lead Facilitator and he is on a mission. He’s passionate about helping organisations to improve the way business operates now and in the future.

He leads Leadership Programmes that are fully immersed into the strategy of your business and are designed to build a Culture of Trust – without which Smart Working will never embed.

Oliver works with our clients creating measurable results delivering our full range of development programmes including those for Leaders, Smart Teams and HR. His work helps to shift mindsets to a more open and innovative way of thinking.

Olly and Ruth first worked together 20 years ago at Domestic and General, the Warranty Insurer.  Together they implemented a number of Smart Working options that were really successful and have continued to deliver more effective ways of working into Business ever since.

Oliver is also a celebrated keynote speaker and author of the Business Brain.

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