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Ruth Gawthorpe


Meet Ruth, our fearless CEO!

A passionate advocate of Smart Working, her inspiring journey began 10 years ago when she found herself wheelchair-bound after a life-changing operation.

This experience opened her eyes to the vast pool of talent unable to endure the daily commute. Despite her disability, Ruth is now the driving force behind the Smart Working Revolution.

As a Lead Practitioner, she empowers business leaders with unparalleled products and guidance on how to operate smarter. The result? Improved business performance and an exceptional experience for both customers and employees.

But Ruth’s impact goes beyond the boardroom. She fearlessly lobbies government bodies too.  Her mission? To create a more inclusive society, where those in rural area, individuals with disabilities, carers and parents seeking flexibility, can all thrive.

And now, her vision of Smart Towns and Villages is becoming a reality in Cornwall. But she doesn’t stop there – Ruth dreams of expanding this common sense concept across the UK.

Passion, people and a profound understanding that work happens in brains, not offices, drive Ruth in all her endeavors.

She’s rewriting the rules of work, making it accessible and empowering for everyone. Join Ruth on her extraordinary journey as she paves the way for a smarter, more inclusive future of work.

Oliver Thompson

Introducing Oliver: Our Director of Revolution!

As a Lead Facilitator, he’s on a mission to transform the way organisations operate now and in the future. His passion lies in helping businesses thrive.

With his Leadership Programmes, Oliver immerses himself in your business strategy, cultivating a Culture of Trust essential for successful Smart Working implementation.

Oliver collaborates closely with clients, delivering measurable results through our comprehensive development programmes. From Leaders to Smart Teams and HR, his expertise shifts mindsets towards openness and innovation.

No stranger to success, Oliver previously partnered with Ruth at Domestic and General, the Warranty Insurer. Together, they implemented highly effective Smart Working options that continue to revolutionize business practices.

As a celebrated keynote speaker and author of the acclaimed Business Brain, Oliver inspires and educates audiences with his insights and expertise.

Get ready to revolutionize your business with Oliver’s guidance. Embrace a new way of working and unlock untapped potential for extraordinary success.

Join the revolution today and let Oliver lead the way!

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