How Well have your Leaders adapted to Change?

How well have your Leaders adapted to the change that the Covid19 Pandemic has thrust upon us?

Change takes us out of our comfort zone and so often we revert to type and try to reject it. We prefer the comfort of the familiar – even if it has run it’s course – just as the commute and the 9 to 5 had become.  For many, the instinct was to reject the move to smart working.

Lockdown happened so quickly that Leaders had to take a leap of faith and trust our people. And we did – in our billions -right across the globe. The result was a recognition that workers can be trusted to work effectively.  So how can we build on this success and adapt to change better in the future?

The cycle of change that will occur off the back of the Pandemic hasn’t finished yet. There is more change to come. Thus, becoming aware of our natural instinct to reject change can help us put an effective management structure in place.  One that enables us cope with disruption in the future. A structure that will put us in a better position to discover the opportunities that change brings – rather than reject it outright.

Smart Leadership is a business wisdom.

When we understand the change journey – from having an awareness of the cycle of resistance right through to acceptance – we can be better equipped to lead our smart workforce through uncertainty.

Smart Leaders, who adapt and adjust at pace to respond to this uncertain business landscape; who are collaborative and inclusive in their approach, will be the winners.

Our Smart Leadership programme is a cost effective way Manager’s to get up to speed on the best way to lead a distributed team.  But it also helps Leaders think smarter, avoid time wasting and build an adaptable, more resilient workforce that will cope with whatever the future throws at us!

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