Building 2 way trust in the Workplace

Do you want more 2 way trust into your workplace?

We are all wired differently. Personalities differ from person to person and so the capability of individuals to recognise their own emotions and those of others – emotional intelligence as we call it – in the workplace, takes time and energy.

But if you’ve ever worked in a toxic work environment, you’ll agree that empathy is crucial to a comfortable and therefore, a productive workspace.

It takes Leaders and Individuals with high emotional intelligence to build 2 way trust in the workplace.

What does 2 way trust looks like in the workplace

Leaders feel confident the job will get done wherever the employee is working

People speak openly and respectfully without fear of upsetting co-workers or leaders

Teams celebrate creativity and question norms

When new initiatives are introduced, Employees are curious and resilient

Flexibility is present in both thought and actions

Active listening in meetings is the norm.

Workers find a compassionate ear when needed – we all have bad days.

Employees are trusted to work away from the office and are managed by outcomes not presenteeism

An old fashioned perception of leadership is that a leader must not show emotions. However, a Smart Leader is able to understand, manage and adjust emotions so that they adapt to environments, achieve goals and motivate those around them to do the same.

It’s not rocket science

It’s about understanding that everyone is different and finding out what makes people ‘tick’. Building trust both ways is a vital business wisdom.  So why not invite your teams to build their individual skills too.  Ask us about our 2 hour Smart Team Skills Workshops.

Building 2 way trust in your workforce does not happen by accident.  Where Smart Leaders are concerned, it’s intentional!  Want to build 2 way trust in your business?

Contact to organise a kick off workshop for your top team. That’s where 2 way trust starts – at the top.