Congratulations Warrior.

Congratulations Warrior. You have been chosen.

That time has come when The Smart Working Revolution calls upon the greatest warriors in Business to fight the good fight. An evil foe awaits like no other you have ever seen or faced.

The Business Dinosaurs.

SWR have fought them for 20 eons, going back to a time long forgotten. The price of victory was high. Many in combat were defeated, but their sacrifice paved a way for the Revolution to flourish and continue the good work.

The time is ours. 

Coronavirus means that the Dinosaurs now want people working from home.

But they only want it temporarily and then they’ll want us all to trudge through the commute, on the same buses, trains and motorways, at the same time, into the same City, so that when we get there we can email the person next to us!

Will you answer the call?

Will you protect your kin and clan from this threat?

Will you implement Working from Home correctly???

Here, take these armaments and do us proud.  The Blacksmith will now forge your weapons with enchanted runes

Download our free remote working checklist here

Now. Warrior, assemble your blood brothers and sisters and take down these fiends. I hope to hear the Bards sing songs of your victory.

Glory Awaits!