Cornwall – The Smart Capital of the UK!

Ever been to Cornwall!  It has it all, doesn’t it?  But what links Diversity and Inclusion to Cornwall……….


Cornwall is fast becoming the Smart Capital of the UK, It is encouraging Leaders to recruit workers in this beautiful County. We call it Smart Towns and Villages.

Remote Working & Hub work means those who are currently unable to do the commute for one reason or another – can have purpose – they can be part of UK PLC. The work comes to them. They are included.

Plus there are also thousands of skilled workers who have left Cornwall for work – gone to the city – to the Smoke. But there’s no surf……no cliff walks, no big blue skies to spark the creative spirit. They want to return & they have amazing skills.

Becoming the Smart Capital will regenerate both rural areas, towns & villages by including a more diverse workforce who live, work & spend in the area. Businesses can recruit and retain here from a capable, inspiring and loyal workforce.

Are you a business with a conscience? Would you like to join the Smart Towns & Villages Steering Group and help guide the execution of this project in Cornwall?

Please get in touch.