Covid19 – Is Collaboration suffering?

Is collaboration suffering in your business due to Covid19?

According to a new survey by Lucid, collaboration is suffering as a result of working remotely.  Klaxons are sounding in Business Leaders heads as this could lead to a lack of innovation and new products or ideas.

Here are some of the Lucid findings:

  • 83% of remote workers said they’ve come up with great ideas in a team brainstorm that never had follow-up.
  • 75% of employees said collaboration took the hardest hit, not productivity.
  • 70% said their great ideas didn’t even make it into notes and were lost.
  • 52% WFH said productivity had suffered.
  • 44% said it was harder to collaborate with their team during virtual meetings.
  • 40% said WFH actually made them more productive.
  • 37% employees ranked in-person team collaboration as “most exciting” thing about returning to the office.
  • 33% of remote workers said there are fewer casual moments of spontaneity for brainstorming or strategizing.
  • Employees have risked their health (23%) by meeting colleagues in person to brainstorm because they felt they needed a “virtual collaboration space.”

The bottom line is that as Leaders – we are paid to solve this conundrum, so

  1.  Get a virtual whiteboard to capture those brilliant ideas
  2.  Arrange Hot Chocolate Sessions – socially distanced collaboration sessions outdoors
  3. Exploit the tools you have for 60- to 90-minute bursts of energy

Instead of throwing your hands in the air and complaining about how Covid19 is affecting collaboration in your business – find the solution.  Try tweaking when, how, and how often you collaborate, and you may be surprised by the quality of the result.

Covid19 – Is Collaboration suffering?

Nah.  Not if you hook up with us. We run sessions for distributed teams who want to work out how to collaborate and innovate.  Find out more here.