Dante the Dog

Hello, I’m Dante the Dog and I live with the CEO and my Master.  CEO refers to my Master as Dogzona. My Master says we have to let CEO think she is in charge.

I arrived in July.  My Master had wanted me for years and he got his way, because CEO got her way to move to Cornwall.  When my co-worker Olly, talks about Perceptual Positions, he always says there are 3 sides to a relationship. I think I must be what he calls the ‘give and take’ bit.

Anyway, every time CEO gets up from her desk, I follow her through the house and pull at her clothing so that she chases me back to the room. She’s only 5 foot 2 and a bit disabled, so it’s easy pickings for a pup like me. Of course, I like to run but not to be caught.

Then there is the recycling bin.  I feel it is my duty to help out. While CEO is suitably distracted on a Zoom call, I recycle various plastic bottles, carton and boxes as toys.  As a responsible co-worker, my job is to repurpose them in the field. When she hobbles over to try to take them back, I run off with them and hide them in the long grass.

I love it when the Amazon Man knocks on the door while CEO is on an important call with her Client. I bark like crazy and it never fails! She tosses those treats like confetti. It’s tough to bark at the Amazon Man while devouring scattered treats on the floor, but I manage. And CEO keeps ordering stuff. Yum.

One day, when Dogzona had gone to play cricket, I pinned her up against the gate because she would not play tug of war with my favourite rope toy. She now refers to me as The Thug.

Following this incident, CEO arranged for me to have a new friend come over every week.  She calls her The Therapist. The Therapist has a an endless supply of treats that are used to teach me tricks.

The Therapist squeals when I get something right and that is my signal that there is a treat coming – normally a bit of sausage – but there appear to be lots of other ‘interesting’ things for me to chew on in her big blue bag.

More of that next time. I’ll keep you up to date on my travails. Oooh, here comes the Amazon Man again.  Game On!

Need a treat every now and then!  Let Dante the Dog tell you more about his smart working tricks.

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