Does your Workforce trust you?

You’ve had to take a leap of faith over the past week or so. You’ve had to Trust your people to work from home. It’s not easy is it? But do they trust you……

Successful remote working is based on 2 way trust, but I read an Edelmann report that said that 82% of workers don’t trust their Boss!.

Right now – when most of the nation is working remotely, trust really is the oil in your relationship with your workforce.

When a person feels they have no power, they may well fear the Boss & trust them less. It’s human nature. They may comply with your request but it doesn’t mean they trust you. This can be problematic in work from home situation, when neither of you can see the others reaction – as you would in the office.

And as a Leader – you don’t mean for them feel like that do you?

But, if the worker doesn’t trust you:

  • productivity will be limited
  • there could be subtle sabotage of your plans

No Leader wants that added challenge in such testing times.

Leaders of businesses of all shapes and sizes, should take this opportunity to step up to the plate.

Stop talking about how culture is important and start putting their money where their mouth is!

Build 2 Way Trust with your workforce – you’ll never look back.

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