Flexible Working, Diversity and Inclusion

In some workplaces there is still a ‘stigma’ attached to Flexible Working.

An attitude that these workers are less productive & contribute less than their office based or full time colleagues……..

Where small actions like this are unchallenged, played down or normalised – a culture develops that’s not inclusive. That’s not good for society.

It’s 2020. Let’s challenge these outdated views!

Research, case studies & our 20 years experience of implementation, prove this is a nonsense. When effectively deployed, a smart workforce is circa 13% more productive. Shouldn’t we be questioning behaviours & comments that suggest those who work flexibly are somehow less productive?

Do these folk think it’s just about working from home?

In fact, there are shed loads of options each business can choose from to suit their unique customer demand And after all, Smart Working enables Diversity and Inclusion.  It enables more people to have a job and a purpose. That’s good for society.  It is good for male and females, mature workers, people with disabilities, carers as well as those who live in remote areas.

Plus it’s good for the planet.

Next time you hear an old fashioned view – Call it out!

Are you a Leader with a conscience?

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