From Hunter Gatherers to Smart Thinking Leaders

History holds some wonderful lessons for Leaders. Here’s one story we share in our Smart Leaders Programme.

We were once a nation of hunter gatherers. But, in 4,000BC populations originating in Anatolia (Turkey) arrived here. They had moved to Iberia before heading north and they bought with them a new capability.  It was Farming

One group of early Farmers followed the river Danube up into Central Europe.  However, another group travelled west across the Mediterranean.

Scientists compared their DNA from their remains and found the Mediterranean farmers travelled north through France and probably entered Britain from the west, through Wales or south-west England.

So here I am in beautiful Cornwall – and I am wondering who trod the ground around me all those centuries ago? Were some of the first Farmers in Britain based here in St Agnes?

I know they bought a wonderful skill to our shores that we will forever cultivate. They changed our society forever.

And it’s a lesson for Leaders today. When we recruit people from different cultures, they too will bring different perspectives and skills. And these are differences that will help your business to grow and prosper.  Just as Britain did when we welcomed the Farmers from Turkey to our shores.

We use story telling in our Smart Leadership Programmes to get the message across. – and our clients just love it!

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