Get Smarter at Global Change

At its heart, change management is a laser focus on business agility to meet the ever changing environment it operates in. It’s also a set of best practices that can help your company become more flexible and adaptable to change. But transformation on a global scale is a whole different ball game to local or UK based change.

Whether you want to expand into a global market, make improvements to processes or introduce smarter ways of working across a global footprint, you can be sure that it will upset the status quo. You are likely to meet some resistance, thus, it pays to plan how you will prepare your people for the changes to come.

Global Change Capability

The building blocks for successful global change, should build on your existing change capability.  If this is short supply, then a good place to start is with a leadership development programme.  The programme can be designed to introduce the basics of change management and practical tips about how leaders manage themselves and their teams through the process.

Over that, layer a good dose of knowledge of the cultural and legislation nuances. This ensures the plan takes into account the myriad of contrasts that have grown up in the workplaces of different countries.

Fortunately, here at Smart Working Revolution, we keep on top of these factors. We work with many global organisations who want to deploy smart working across a global reach.  We might be able to help you.

Open Mindset

A precursor for effective change also includes the mindset of your workforce.  Are they open to change?  If you are not sure, then instigate some interventions that nudge people to becoming more accepting of change.

If you’re planning a major transformation, start this well in advance.  The pandemic has helped shift many barriers and resistors – we can help you build on that firm foundation.  The aim is to aggregate a growth mindset across as widely as possible as this will lead to a collective openess to change.

On the Same Page

Once happy with the knowledge and capability of your leaders and the open mindsets of your people, we can move on to the next steps.

Begin  by creating a shared vision for change that includes the reason for doing so, that everyone understands and can buy into…..however affects them personally, is crucial. Share the hell out of it!

Design a plan for the change and transformation that includes building your employees’ core competencies for the future of work as well as incorporating their feedback into the plan

The prospect of readying your entire organisation for a major change might feel overwhelming, but with a global strategy for change in place, you can ensure employee buy in from day one.

Deploy regional leaders to help adapt change management approaches and tools to meet local needs, because this way you will display compassion and respect to individual employees – and you are more likely to win their hearts and minds.

We can support your organisation in this journey. Contact us  for a free discovery call.