Here we go again – the daily commute!

Morning. On the Train yet?

The commute to your office takes hours doesn’t it?

And, when you get there – what do you do?

  • Have a coffee
  • Complain about the commute and last nights TV.
  • Start work at 9.27
  • Do the Daily Stand Up call
  • Email the person next to you
  • Start the project plan
  • Zoom the guys overseas
  • Check Facebook
  • Get distracted by the conversation at the water cooler. Who is Naby Kieta and why is he worth 50m?
  • Lunch – spend £10 at Costa

    Take a call from The Boss while you’re there.  He’s on a Leadership Team away day. He says that the facilitator is spouting on about something called smart working – which can apparently improve productivity by as much as 13% – Pah!

  • Phone the Supplier
  • Sing Happy Birthday to Margaret.  Eat cake.
  • Chat about the cold weather with Jamie from accounts
  • Email the person next to you
  • Do as much of the project plan as you can – you’ll do the rest on the train home. It’s due tomorrow. Too many distractions today!
  • Get the train.   No room to sit so can’t do the project plan
  • Read the story.  Say night night to the kids
  • Start on the project plan
  • Yawn
  • Same thing tomorrow?

There has to be a better way to run you business?

Ruth and Olly run the Smart Working Revolution and help business leaders to build smart workforces that improve customer service, employees quality of life, promote equality, inclusion and diversity as well as productivity for your business.

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