How to convince your Boss to adopt Smart Working

Do you want to know how to convince your Boss to adopt Smart Working?

Smart Working includes combinations of hub, remote or mobile working, smart desking, plus a myriad of different contracts types and hours. However, to get a smart workforce model off the ground, you’ll need to convince top leadership to trial it.

Using our 20 years experience of convincing numerous Traditional Leaders to pilot more flexible ways of working, we want share our trade secrets and help you turn your Boss into an Employee Hero.

Afraid of Change

Some Leaders are afraid of change or losing control – or perhaps that they don’t have the skills to lead in a smarter world – so they stick with what they know.

But if they don’t evolve, they will not be able to attract and retain the best people, and that is not good for future growth.

The Masterclass

This masterclass contains 5 powerful strategies for changing senior leaders mindsets about flexible working. Facilitated by our Director of Revolution, Oliver Thompson, we’ll share our secrets of how to:

1. Use language that encourages them to look at flexible working as a strategic business wisdom.

2. Introduce thoughts and ideas to their minds that make smart working a no- brainer.

3. Share hard facts and figures that will convince them of the productivity and financial benefit of a smart workforce

4. Become knowledgeable on case studies, solutions to pitfalls

5. Introduce you to the Smart Workforce Model including 50 different ways of working smarter that will retain the best people

If you work in HR or Operations, this programme is a must if you want to convince your boss of the benefits of smart and flexible working.

Contact us for details of the in-house programme and open workshops