How to Work Healthily From Home

Does your team know how to work healthily from home? Why is it so crucial that they do?

Well, most organisations moved to a remote model overnight – with little or no pre-planning. The first couple of weeks went well and most of us will have seen improvements in productivity.  We often measure productivity increases of circa 13% when remote working is effectively deployed – that’s almost one day per week!

But this honeymoon period is not going to last.  Businesses have not had time to prepare effectively and these circumstances are not the norm for implementing a remote workforce.  Even in ordinary circumstances and when homeworking is effectively deployed, we come up against a few challenges.

And now we’re living through enforced, prolonged distancing.  We should beware as challenges of isolation, team cohesiveness and resilience will begin to creep in this week.

So back track a little, give your people some TLC. We’ve produced a pack called How to Work Healthily From Home and it’s available in on online format for you to share with your people.

We deliver the learning in small takeaways that fit around your busy schedules. It’s a good value product to help leaders through these strange times.

If you want to know more contact us and we’ll share details.

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Have lovely week!