Hybrid Working – Are You Missing a Trick?

Leaders who favour a blanket approach to hybrid working asking workers to work in the office, 2 or 3 days a week, or we’ll all do a 4 day week, are missing a trick!

They aren’t considering the informal networks that exist in the organisation – the ones that allow collaboration to happen across teams.

Ignoring the obvious

So why would they ignore this? We think mostly because they are relying on intuition rather than the science.

But that’s a bit silly, because after all, these are the relationships that optimise business performance, innovation worker to worker engagement and of course, to supercharge your collaborative culture.

That’s why our feasibility sessions focus on the conundrum of collaboration and other similarly knotty little challenges. We help you put the right workforce model into place so that your business can thrive.

Using our tried and tested methodology, we help leaders understand which connections among employees should ideally happen in person and which ones can occur virtually.

Mindset Shift for Workers

Imagine that half of your colleagues told you they preferred meeting you in person, rather than virtually, would it make you work differently???

This one mindset shift – from the individual considering solely what’s most efficient for them, to a proper understanding of how others rely on them – has a massive motivating effect on many hybrid workers about where they need to be to carry out their best work.

Don’t leave issues like this one to chance.

Yet so many leaders haven’t even thought this through! So, how can they share data that helps the individual do the right thing?

Well, that’s why we use our methodology to help leaders work out which employees are best brought back together for in-person collaboration at some point during their working week.

Without this depth of thinking, you are likely to end up with one of those horrible hybrids we are seeing emerge.

Don’t miss this trick. Get in touch for a chat about how you can ensure you’ve considered those crucial organisational networks. Contact us now on info@smartworkingrevolution.com