Hybrid Working – Do The Maths

There are many different types of options to choose from and implementing Hybrid Workforce Models can be complex. So, as practitioners – where do we begin…….

Hybrid working is one of a number of type of smart working. It emerges in a number of forms:

1. Hybrid fully flex – Employees can choose which day/s to be onsite
2. Hybrid defined – Leaders assign specific days (by team or function) for onsite and remote work
3. Hybrid % – Leaders set a minimum percentage during which employees are expected to work on site.
4. Hybrid bespoke – Managers schedule which day/s their own team are onsite
5. Hybrid combo – A mix

No one size fits all and different teams might need different combos. Much of it depends on customer demand. There are a myriad of other smarter ways of working such as 4 day week, annualised hours, remote work, distributed teams, part time and job share too!

One thing is for sure, to embed and establish a hybrid workforce model in your organisation – it takes smart leadership skills. Leaders who will consider how it will serve your customers as well as your people. This is quite a transformation programme for your business, isn’t it?

This summer, it’s time to do the maths.  Let’s help you work out what’s right for your business and what’s not. After all, you don’t want to end up with a Horrible Hybrid.

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