Is your Hybrid Team a Trick or a Treat?

Each person on your hybrid team has a unique personality, right? The question is, how do you read those individual nuances?  Here are a few tips……

It’s so crucial for Leaders to understand the differences and preferences of the individuals on their team – especially if you team are Hybrid Working – yet it is harder to do so when you are not constantly in the same office.

But once you understand what makes each of your people tick, you can start to build a far stronger team…..and one that exudes 2-way trust too.

And by helping them discover and understand what makes their colleagues tick too, you can help the whole team become more productive, manage team wellbeing so much better, improve the customer experience – all of which will enable your business to grow and thrive.

So where do you begin?

Well, you could do worse than start with our tried and tested programme for smart working teams. It’s called

‘What makes your Hybrid Team tick?’

The session helps your team know how to treat one another, by understanding:

Which personalities thrive on direct face-to-face human contact? Who likes to recharge alone?
Who might succeed magnificently when they can map out their own plan? Which characters love to collaborate?
Are there people should be directed with a light touch? Do some team members like to check in more?
Who likes to wing it rather than follow the norm? Who loves protocol?

And many, many more variabilities. Because, you see, we are all wired differently and this session helps colleagues uncover the fascinating myriad of preferences across the team.

This session helps colleagues uncover the fascinating myriad of preferences across their team

Once we understand one another’s preferences, teams can navigate  individual nuances and harmonise with one another so much more easily. That’s good for team culture, wellbeing and productivity too!

So, what are you waiting for.  Contact us for details of our fascinating sessions at

And at just £1500 per session (plus expenses) for up to 10 participants, it’s spooktakular value too.  That’s just £150 per person per session.  It can be delivered face to face as a team building session or virtual and online.

Why not be a little different to your competitors – give your people the skills to support each other and grow in a hybrid world.

See you there!