I know what you’re thinking!

I know what you’re thinking.
‘It’s that woman, bangin’ on about smart working again.
Not interested. I can’t wait to get back to the office’.

Too right. You’ll be happy when you’re back to the commute.
The platform push.
The crammed train.
Nowhere to sit – hold on to that coffee!

Late to the office.
Meeting has already begun.
Endure 1 hour of mindless meeting where the Boss gets his way as usual. He may as well have had the conversation with himself.

At last – your desk!
Good to be back.
Hope you’re safe.
Bloke next to you doesn’t look too good, does he?
Start that report – it’s due tomorrow!

Ah, look who is making their way to your desk now.
You can’t run, you cant hide.
30 mins of brainless banter later – back to work.

10 minutes later – hey it’s Katie’s Birthday.
Sing happy Birthday – shall we wash our hands, you joke.
Half hour later – full of tea & cake, you’ve got to get the report done!

Boss calls for a ‘quick chat’ about the report – 1 hr later you gotta rush it now.

Is that the time?
Better get to the station otherwise you’ll miss the kids story time
Do the report on the train?
Ah, no room to sit.

Perhaps you should have stayed remote today?
Or the Hub or anywhere but the Office.
I know what you’re thinking…

Work Happens In Brains – not offices.

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