1. Show their people that they are important.  Take time to find out about their individual wants and needs and what makes them tick.

2. Clarify the vision of the work they want achieved and the outcomes they expect.

3.  To support through coaching – don’t micromanage

4.  Agree expected response times for emails or messages and when they are expected to collaborate

5. To build a culture of trust, where employees can work when and where they are most productive – whether that’s hub, home or in the office – as well as the time that suits their lifestyle

6.  Allow people to be creative, explore ideas, take considered risk and make mistakes – but learn from them

7.  Give constructive and supportive feedback when things go wrong so that their people are not afraid to fail

8. Catch people doing things right

If your company is considering building on the productivity gains of the last few weeks, then it is likely your Leadership will require an injection of smart skills – that’s where we can help.  Contact us for information about our Smart Leadership Programme.