Is the corporate office a thing of the past?

Will the corporate office become a thing of the past?

Here are a 5 thoughts for Leaders planning a new workforce model:

1. Is it essential to return to the office? You’ve managed thus far & I’m struggling to think of any roles that need to be done in an open plan office. Besides, we all know the reticence around remote working was Trust!

2. The risk of this invisible killer to Employee Wellbeing is making Leaders rethink whether they want their entire team in one place. After all, it puts responsibility for Health and Safety firmly in Leaders hands if they do.

3. Social Distancing measures mean different desk configuration, contactless pathways, screens and cordoned off meeting rooms. How would the Loo’s work? Workers will need PPE for travel and you will have to arrange staggered start and break times. What a waste of your hard earned money when we’ve learned that Work Happens in Brains – not offices.

4. CIPD research found that 4 in 10 people are anxious about returning to the commute. Would you force your team back? Our brain, which has fought to keep us safe from birth, recognises the once safe commute – is no longer that.

5. Chances are some of the latest lockdown practices will stick around for a while. Your transitional working model may morph onto your future business and workforce model.

Need a hand to think it through carefully?

How do you and your people feel about a full return to the corporate office?  What are the options for your business going forward?

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