Has anyone got an antidote to Brexit?

Has anyone got an antidote to Brexit?

This Brexit mess. We could sit around wallowing in the uncertainty of this toxic political landscape?  How about we try blaming one another – will that solve it?  Should we wait for the politicians to slug it out?

Nah, I’ve got a better idea……..let’s start a Revolution!

The UK is upside down!

  • The British Chambers of Commerce report that their members are saying that recruitment and retention of people with the right skill set is the number one business issue.
  • Intentions to recruit more people were strong in the first quarter of the year but nearly 75% of firms reported a shortage of suitable candidates, according to their landmark publication of the Quarterly Recruitment Outlook.
  • Over half of UK businesses with staff from outside the UK would be negatively impacted by government proposals for the UK’s future immigration system, according to new research by the British Chamber.
  • A recent Mercer report suggested a gap of 1.9 million in the labour market by 2025!
  • Business is calling on the next Prime Minister to reduce the unsustainable cost of employing people in the UK. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of firms report the cost burden of employment has increased compared to five years ago, according to research by the Chambers of Commerce

Meanwhile the pundits are telling us we will go into a recession if we crash out of Europe. Doom and Gloom!

Taking back control

We don’t know what the political future will bring, but there are 3 things we can do this Summer that will launch a Revolutionary approach to attracting and retaining the right skills.

Three things that will also make your business a bit more Brexit Proof:

  1. Find out why your vacancies are not attractive and why people are leaving.
  2. Work out what smart ways of working are fit for your business and what to avoid.
  3. Shift some of the fixed mindsets in your business to a more open mind on flexible options so that smart working is not derailed by the Dinosaurs.

This is not easy stuff. Will you join us in the Revolution?

The Smart Working Revolution are helping Thoughtful Business Leaders to make their business a little bit more Brexit Proof than the Business Dinosaurs.

Our Smart Leadership Masterclass offers attendees an opportunity to learn directly from the team at The Smart Working Revolution Team.

Become a part of the Business Revolution that is taking back control.

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