Job Descriptions are full of drivel!

Job Descriptions!
Why are they full of such drivel?

Well, according to history, IBM started it. They produced a job description back in 1949 and it seemed to catch on.

That was 73 years ago, so you would think JDs would have evolved by now – yet most that I read these days are generic, jargon ridden and loaded up with business keywords. I’d bet a good percentage of the drivel is not a reflection of the day-to-day tasks of the job being advertised.

And they lack soul. Put yourself in the candidates shoes. It is their first introduction to your organisation, the work you do, the culture you’ve built and how they could add value.

Right now, talent is the new cash flow, isn’t it?

So you know that JD you’re pushing – it represents your company – it’s your marketing tool to stock your business with the best people. Why shoot yourself in the foot because you can’t be arsed to create something meaningful?

JD’s are part of your candidate attraction strategy. The way you market and sell your jobs. If yours are full of rubbish – you’re probably going to end up with the new starter you deserve.

Smart Leaders begin by asking……Why do we need this job? How would an ideal person add value? What customers and teams will this person be interacting with the most?

Smart Leaders also fast forward 12 months. They imagine the new employee has been in place for a year. What have they achieved? Have they increased sales? Have they been able to cut costs? Shortened a timeline for the development of a product? Then they fast forward to the next year and the one after that and so on.

And rather than all that mindless strategic drivel, it might be better to actually define a typical day! Ask yourself what is this person really going to do when in place?

And Finally

It’s worth noting, the one thing that most jobs seekers scan for first in your job description these days. It is this.

Is this business offering hybrid, remote, part-time or some type of flexible work that might suit my lifestyle?

Cos, if you are a dinosaur – they move on!

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