Keep Britain Working – Virtual Workshops

How to run Virtual Workshops is our Free Download for today!

We’re living through unprecedented times.  Government are implementing interventions daily.  Leaders are not only having to deal with those changes, but also the new challenge of managing a remote workforce.

But the show must go on and this will mean delivering planning and collaboration workshops for teams working at home. Maybe, even with Clients!

Despite our 20 years of implementing Smart Workforces, including Home Working Teams, we’re still learning. The internet is flaky right now, isn’t it?

Stay at Home

With the government now telling the nation to “stay at home”, millions are logging on to work and keep themselves entertained during the lockdown.

But that has put pressure on broadband providers, with BT’s Openreach reporting a 20% surge in internet use.

Did you know that microwave ovens can also reduce wi-fi signals?  So don’t use the microwave when you’re making video calls, watching HD videos or doing something important online.

Our Solution

We’ve taken to recording workshops in advance, allowing our clients to view them and then organising a virtual Q&A.

It’s working well and we’re delivering ‘work from home’ skills to multiple clients this week.

In our effort to Keep Britain Working, we’ve pulled together our top tips of running virtual workshops.  In today’s Free Download, whether that be face to face or remote, we outline our top tips.

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The Smart Working Revolution have 20 years’ experience of delivering smart workforce models – including successful remote teams.  At present we are delivering the right virtual skills training at the right time to Remote Teams across the UK.  Want to find out more.  Read on.