Leading Smart – Distributed Teams

Do your Leaders have the right skill-set to manage distributed teams?

Of all of the decisions you will make when implementing a Smart Workforce, the one to invest in the development of Leaders is the pivotal one.  It ensures success while forgoing it, more or less, ensures failure.

Why is Leadership Development so crucial?

Simply because it is your leaders that will set the tone for the required mindset shift among their team. Our 20 years experience of implementation has taught us this – Leaders who understand the vision of a Smart Workforce, get behind it and set transformation goals for success.

Leader’s who don’t get it, will jeopardise your project and you will miss out on the benefits a Smart Workforce brings to the business, the customer, the employee and the community in which you operate.

Smart Leadership is the chance to shine

The opportunity to lead a Smart Working team is a turning point in most Leaders career. But it’ll only turn out well if Leaders have the right skill set……..otherwise, you are setting them up for failure.

Managing a distributed team requires a different set of skills to managing those who are office based. Smart Leaders create a clear line of sight between the performance of the individual and the achievement of business outcomes – and they do that from afar – it’s a real art.

This is why getting the right Leadership Programme  in place is the most important investment you will make.

We’ve identified 5 key stages to becoming a Smart Leader – a Leader who can effectively manage a distributed team.

1. Smart Mindset

Getting Leaders on board is essential. In this module they understand how a Smart Workforce strategy can positively impact your unique business.

2. Smart Champions

Next Leaders are shown how their role is crucial to the success of the project. Using the Smart Leaders Toolkit, they will create an action plan to lead their team through implementation and learn how to help individuals overcome the challenges they will face.

3. A Culture of 2 way Trust

Leaders learn how to build a shared vision – a culture of 2 way trust, strong team connections, loads of learning opportunities and help to improve their team’s quality of life.

4. Smarter Communication

In this workout, Leaders recognise that implementation is an excellent opportunity to improve team communication skills.

5. Smart Performance

All this learning culminates in the final module.  Smart Leaders learn how create a clear line of sight between the performance of the individual and the achievement of business outcomes – and how to perfect that art when team members are not present in the same office.

Leaders are the essential ingredient of a successful Smart Workforce implementation

If you are planning for a Smart Workforce Model it is crucial to prepare your leaders, if you want your new ways of working to be a success.

We’ll help you develop leaders who understand and support your vision and are enthusiastic about the enormous benefits that distributed work will offer their team and the business.

Tailoring your programme

Your Leadership Programme will be bespoke to your unique business.  We will align content to previous learning programmes as relevant, your Employer Brand and overall business strategy.

We will take time to understand your business challenges so that this can inform the content and allow opportunity for your Leaders to provide vital solutions.

The programme can be delivered virtually, face to face or a combination of both.  The choice is yours.

Contact us to arrange your training programme