Learning from Amsterdam

It’s known for its tulips and windmills. But, did you know that the Dutch Employment Market is much more diverse than ours.  A whopping 75% of working women work part-time in the Netherlands, compared to the UK, where 40% of women in employment are working part-time compared to 13% of men.

And they say there is a skills gap here!

*  More like a gap of part-time roles
*  A gap in the open mindsets of business leaders needed to try new things
*  A gap in trust of people who are talented and willing – part time not part brained!
*  A gap in organisation doing their bit for the good of their communities and future generations

They say that while 6. 8 million people are working part time, a further 8 million are looking for part-time work. Many of those are not working because of the lack of part time opportunities.

Whether it’s raising young children, caring for a disabled or elderly relative or even undertaking unpaid voluntary positions to gain experience within an industry of choice, having the versatility to work less traditionally can be an attractive option for many people seeking work.

No wonder countries like the Netherlands are more prosperous.

It’s time to change. It is time that Leaders embraced part-time working here in the UK – 8 million people is one hell of a rich seam of talent and experience.

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