Facing the New Normal!

Life will never be the same – we’ve well and truly moved on – before long we’ll be facing the ‘New Normal’.

But the announcement due from Boris on Sunday is almost certain to send another round of shock waves through the business world. Let’s hope Leaders are better prepared than they were when Lockdown was announced!

It’s common sense that many workplaces must implement social distancing measures for quite some time. However, will Boris confirm that those with roles that can be done remotely must continue to work from home?

We believe the Government must be clear about this on Sunday.  If they are not, Leaders may skimp on the effective deployment of continued remote working under the mistaken impression that things might soon return to normal once Lockdown is eased. See our resources here

Similarly, clarity is required regarding our transport infrastructure. What commuter numbers will enable distancing? How will front line workers take precedence over office workers who feel isolated?

Smarter Ways of Operating

As Leaders pull together their plans for the ‘New Normal’ they must look to the way they organise their workforce. Innovation will be a core factor of the post-lockdown, pre-vaccine workforce model.

Post Lockdown we commuted at the same times. At 8.30am, 20% of all workers in London and the South East were commuting. We cannot return to the bad old ways otherwise the virus will take hold again.

Not everyone will rush to climb aboard a risk ridden commuter train to visit a ‘Coronavirus Factory’ in the City. Certainly, millions of people will continue to self isolate due to a vulnerability or because a family member is in the ‘at risk’ category.

We don’t know what tolerance a large part of our society may have for infection risk. Will tolerance change as Lockdown unfolds? From birth our brain tell us what’s safe & what’s dangerous. We once deemed this ritual – the commute – as  ‘Safe’. Unfortunately, this no longer the case.


Leaders must get creative to keep business moving, make money while minimising rates of virus transmission. We must put in place innovative solutions that reduce crowding in the workplace and on the transport infrastructure.

Certainly, collaboration between firms is required.  Perhaps, the British Chamber of Commerce network can establish innovation groups within their areas.

Is your business set up for the New Normal?

We can help you build a smart and adaptable workforce model that will help you get ready for Lockdown ease. Read more here.