Managing a Mature Workforce

A mature workforce brings tremendous value to businesses and employees alike in terms of the life experience and wisdom they bring to the workplace.

They often reflect your demographic and studies have demonstrated that older workers tend to be more engaged at work – improving business outcomes, such as productivity. And they day that one in 7 workers today are over the age of 65!

Equally we hear that more people over the age of 50 are leaving roles earlier than retirement age and the government is trying to entice them back into work.   Many older employees believe biases within the workplace affect how they’re seen and treated.

Some employees report subtle discrimination around screening practices, such as the inability to input their birthdate into a job application because the earlier years that are applicable to them aren’t available for selection.

Processes such as that can make older workers feel unwelcome and overlooked.

So how do you set your leaders and their teams up for success?

This programme for leaders and managers ensures they know how to support an ageing workforce.  How can they create great workforce experiences for them?  After all, their expertise helps ensure the resilience of the organisation as a whole by doing so.

In this programme, we help business leaders to understand how they need to manage mature workers in order to understand their needs, steer clear of stereotypes and retain their key skills and talents.

Leaders will uncover what a great workforce experience looks like for them? How can they be retained? Which skills or training do they need? What level of support are they looking for?

Flexible working is an important part of creating a better workforce experience for older employees. After all, 78% of workers over 50 saying that they want more flexible working hours.

We help your leaders to consider solutions that will retain and motivate this key element of your workforce. Get in touch for a chat about the needs of your business and the business wisdom in your midst!  Call 07976 509551 today for a chat