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As well as the information on this website, the Smart Working Revolution have developed numerous articles, templates, videos and other materials. There are designed to help you implement Smart Working for your team or develop your personal skills and set up for Remote or Smart Working.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, many more of us are having to suddenly work remotely from each other, so we are making these information packages available to download for a small fee, using the links below which will take you to Paypal to pay before downloading to your device.

Click on the Package name to see what is included in each pack, or purchase below:

Managing Remote Teams – Lockdown happened overnight and you didn’t have time to prepare your skills for managing a remote team. This package will equip you with the  leadership skills, tips and techniques for you to optimise the performance and wellbeing of your team.

Running Virtual Team Meetings  – It’s as though we’ve all become radio presenters, but there’s an art to it. This value package will help you get better connected with your team during video or teleconferencing.

Communication and Collaboration  – When managing a distributed team – you will want to have these tips and techniques at your disposal.  Olly uncovers our strategies for communication and collaboration in this unique package.

Smart Working and Working from HomeThese resources are designed to help anyone working remotely or from home for the first time.  Whether you are working as part of a distributed team, or on your own, we hope these guides and short videos will help you work more healthily, comfortable and productively in your new circumstances.

Performance Improvements for Remote Teams  – COMING SOON! It can be tough managing the performance of your team when they are not in the same office as you.  Olly  introduces you to strategies for improving the performance and productivity of your unique team.

The Smart Workforce Model – COMING SOON! Our starter pack for designing a smart workforce model during lockdown so that you can implement it post lockdown. Email us for details

Managing Remote Teams
6 file(s) 21 downloads
Communications, Remote Working, Smart Leadership 30.00
Communication and Collaboration
3 file(s) 20 downloads
Communications, Smart Leadership, Virtual Meetings 30.00
Smart Working and Working From Home
3 file(s) 24 downloads
Communications, Remote Working, Smart Leadership 20.00

Smart Leadership Toolkit

Smart Leadership Engagement 20 Minute Work Out

Here is a short technique you can try out with your team to get a feel for how your culture will need to change to enable Smart Performance Management.


Arrange a 20 minute session with each member of your team and work through the four steps listed. Have fun!


1. Discuss with each employee where the company is going and how they personally can help it get there.

2. Discuss how the success of the business will help the employee achieve his or her own life and work mission or ambition

3. Find out what they value in life and why. This is how you will find out what drives them, their preferences and their behaviours

4. Find out what the business and you can do to develop employees to achieve their optimum – at work and in their personal life?


At the end of the session, both you and your team member will have a measurement for their performance that is not just about how many hours they spend at work.


Your people will know how they add value to your business and you will know what drives them.  They’ve now got a good reason to be engaged.


Our results show that Engaged Employees are 17% more productive. That’s almost a day per week!


To learn more about implementing a Smart Performance Management System into your business do get in touch.