Mindless Meeting Madness!

Anyone got mindless meeting madness today?

A whole day of back to back meetings that mean you have little time for good workplace productivity! Ironic isn’t it. It appears work days now mean attending meetings that far are too long, badly structured, lacking purpose and focusing on problems, blame or escaping it!

Does this sound familiar?

Smart meetings are short, meaningful and effective. They are designed to maximise output and minimise conflict. They should only be run if you need to collaborate and push something forward.  If however, you want to find out why your project is failing – just try communicating effectively instead!

Smart meetings can be F2F or conference, but they have a clearly shared purpose, agenda and roles. They are led with clarity with a solutions based approach. They are followed up with simple agreed actions, accountability and timescales…..and workplace productivity!  Or you can choose mindless meetings.

At least you can enjoy the biscuits.

If you want to run productive meetings – whether they are with distributed teams or office based teams – contact Ruth or Olly on 07976 509551 to learn more about our Smart Leadership and Smart Team Development Programmes.

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