Smart Work. Nina Cried Power! But Why?

Occasionally, I hear a song that stirs my soul.”Nina Cried Power” by Irish Song Writer, Hozier, is one such song! (Link at foot of page) It’s a beautiful, gospel like song. The sentiments fascinated me. I had to investigate further…….

Hozier was born in County Wicklow, Ireland. He says the song is a Thank You Note to the spirit & legacy of protest; to the artists who imbued their work with the vigour of dissent. He says it reflects the importance of that tradition – the rights, and lives, we enjoy today.

It is a passionate tribute to artists like Dylan, Billie Holliday, Mavis Staples (who joins Hozier in the recording ) , Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and, of course, the wonderful, Nina Simone – hence the song title.

The video is even more fascinating. It’s a heartfelt nod to a handful of those who’ve fought for a New Ireland. It features inspirational activists like Christina Noble, the amazing Bernadette McAliskey (nee Devlin), Eamon McCann, Saoirse Long, Panti Bliss and many others who have fought for social justice. They listen to the song for the first time and some are moved to tears! It’s an anthem to these good souls who have made a difference.

Why did it resonate with me?

“Nina Cried Power,” evolves into a battle cry, a rebel yell or as one commentator put it, a ‘call to arms’. It certainly has a powerful cognitive effect on me. Each roll call of Musicians begins with “And I could Cry Power” and then goes on to list those who have sought to change society with their passionate protest messages. The song suggests that we can “Cry Power” too.

Power has been Cried by those stronger than me and frankly, I have a dreadful singing voice but, hey, I’m a romantic and I want to change the world. So, in our own small way, The Smart Working Revolution will “Cry Power” too!

As the man says, ‘It’s not the waking, it’s the rising.”

Surely, it is time for us to rise up and do something about the way we abuse this planet while commuting? Rise up and do something about the way we let traffic congestion damage our beautiful world and long commutes damage our family time… our happiness.

While you’re listening to Hozier – think about your World; your family, your friends, your children, and their children – your grandchildren. And think about the World you’d like to leave them with.

Then Cry Power!

Work happens in Brains – not offices!

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Watch the video.